The Leavelles

Mostly True Stories

by The Leavelles

Released 2015
Released 2015
Ten lyric-driven songs, with just enough polish to take the rough edges off, make for catchy rock, Americana and pop on this stellar sophomore release.
Singer-songwriters Frank Colwell and Joe McClour aimed to raise the stakes on their second album. Having recorded as a duo previously, the frontmen recruited drummer David Mahaffey and bassist Justin Russell to bring a more dynamic, collaborative feel to their clever little pop songs. The rhythm section didn't disappoint, either. Russell shines on the 1970s throwback rocker "Maureen," while Mahaffey's percussion brings a subtle, shimmering touch to the beautiful "Pack Your Bags." Producer Taylor Tatsch contributed organ and piano to give some texture to the simple, lyric-driven songs. With influences ranging from 1950s rock to modern-day Americana, "Mostly True Stories" does everything The Leavelles wanted it to do.